Module STM

module STM: sig .. end
Minimalistic implementation of a Software Transactional Memory.

WARNING: the current implementation has only been lightly tested.

This module provides support for a partial STM, that protects only values of type STM.ref.

type 'a ref
The type of values protected by transactions, should store only immutable values.
val ref : 'a -> 'a ref
Builds a value of type ref, that can then only be accessed during a transaction.
exception Retry
The exception used to request the current transaction to restart.
exception Abort
The exception used to request the current transaction to be cancelled. Any exception can be used to abort a transaction, but this one makes programs more readable.
exception Cancelled
The exception used to indicate that the transaction is cancelled, because it has failed and retries have been exhausted.
val run : ?retries:int ->
(('a ref -> 'a) -> ('a ref -> 'a -> unit) -> 'b) -> 'b
run ~retries f executes the function f inside a newly-created transaction. Function f is passed two functions g and s that are to be used as respectively read and write accessors to ref values. The retries parameter (defaulting to 64) indicates how many time a transaction should be retried. g and s will raise Failure is they are called from another thread, or outside the lifetime of the transaction.

The Retry exception can be raised to requested the current transaction to be re-executed from the beginning, while any other exception will cause the transaction to be aborted.

Raises the exception raised by the transaction, if different from Retry.
Raises Cancelled if the transaction cannot be committed, and retries have been exhausted
val run_read_only : ?retries:int -> (('a ref -> 'a) -> 'b) -> 'b
Akin to, but with a smaller overhead due to the fact that the transaction is guaranteed to only read values.