Module AtomicBool

module AtomicBool: sig .. end
Atomic containers for bool values.

type t = java'util'concurrent'atomic'AtomicBoolean java_instance
The type of atomic containers for bool values.
val make : bool -> t
Returns a new container holding the passed value.
val compare_and_set : t -> bool -> bool -> bool
compare_and_set a e u atomically sets the value of a to u if the current value is e. Returns whether the value of a was equal to e.
val get : t -> bool
Returns the current value.
val get_and_set : t -> bool -> bool
get_and_set a x atomically sets the value of a to x, and returns the previous value.
val lazy_set : t -> bool -> unit
lazy_set a x eventually sets the value of a to x.
val set : t -> bool -> unit
set a x sets the value of a to x.
val weak_compare_and_set : t -> bool -> bool -> bool
Similar to AtomicBool.compare_and_set, with a weak semantics: may be faster on some platforms, but does not provide ordering guarantees.

Null value

val null : t
The null value.
val is_null : t -> bool
is_null obj returns true iff obj is equal to null.
val is_not_null : t -> bool
is_not_null obj returns false iff obj is equal to null.


val wrap : t -> t option
wrap obj wraps the reference obj into an option type:
  • Some x if obj is not null;
  • None if obj is null.

val unwrap : t option -> t
unwrap obj unwraps the option obj into a bare reference:
  • Some x is mapped to x;
  • None is mapped to null.