Third alpha version (09 June 2015)

This new alpha version fixes several bugs related to tail calls, provides an enhanced Java library, and a revamped concurrent library. The ocamldoc tool is also enhanced to allow references to the Java API documentation.


New alpha version (22 September 2014)

A new alpha version (namely 2.0-alpha2) has been released. This is mainly a bugfix release, but it also comes with a new ocamldoc style based on Bootstrap. Read more information here.


The site is online (14 July 2014)

Since its original release, the project was available at, and then As the project is more mature and now 2.0 alpha, it made sense to move it to a new home. This website is intended to centralize the information about the project, the code repository and issue tracker being available on github.


The project is going alpha (14 July 2014)

For more than a year, the project was only available as binary snapshots (dubbed early-access). The move from the 1.x to the 2.x code base was actually quite painful, and required a large amount of code rewrite in order to reach decent performance. This led to a semi-stable state, with sources notoriously difficult to read. Moreover, the build process, although fully automatized, was not portable. These issues were partially ironed out, and the project is partially (re-)open-sourced. The code for the compiler, associated tools, and OCaml libraries is fully available. However, the runtime support library currently comes as a prebuilt jar file.


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