Alpha2 (22 September 2014)

The new release, namely 2.0-alpha2, is mainly a bugfix relase, fixing the following issues:

  • bug in proxies: method dispatch failing when overriding a method from java.lang.Object
  • bug#5: incorrect code generation for match construct
  • bug#6: broken Java instance comparisons
  • bug#7: support for inner-classes in presence of opened packages
  • bug#9: incorrect inference of Java instance (as unboxed parameter value)
  • bug#10: proxy variants (allowing to specify a class loader)
  • bug#11: inner-classes and plain classes cannot be discriminated
  • bug#12: ocamlbuild does not pass -cp and -classpath options when compiling an interface with -java-extensions

It also introduces a new ocamldoc style for the HTML generator, based on Bootstrap. The new style, applied to all the modules shipped with OCaml-Java, can be seen here.


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