About alpha(s) (14 July 2014)

The project is finally re-open-sourced. Well, at least partially: the code for the compiler and associated tools, as well as libraries is available. The code for the runtime support library is not yet, but will follow once cleaned. Put otherwise, the part of the project written in OCaml is fully available, while the part written in Java remains closed. As it is nevertheless quite a big step forward, the version has changed from early-access to alpha.

The purpose of this alpha version (and the next ones) is to gather feedback from the community. Partially opening the source code also allows users to build native versions of the tools, hence speeding up the development process. The project can be installed through OPAM, and an ocamljava-aware version of findlib is available, thus enabling to port existing packages to ocamljava and develop ocamljava-specific packages.

As it may be interest to (potential) users, a word about ongoing work. Here are the main tasks (besides cleaning the runtime, and improving the documentation), in no particular order:

  • support for Java generics;
  • support for Java 1.8, notably lambdas;
  • runtime optimizations, notably closures;
  • support for configure-time option allowing to choose between 63- and 64-bit integers for OCaml ints.

Finally, I would be interested in getting in touch with developers that are using/evaluating OCaml-Java, or plan to do so. Indeed, it would be useful in order to known where to focus efforts.

Contact: xclerc AT ocamljava.org


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